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#119 – Steve Letarte on the Racing Writer’s Podcast

Steve Letarte and his family have been finding ways to stay occupied during quarantine while waiting for racing to return. The NBC Sports broadcaster dishes on what it’s like doing shows remotely and even calling some iRacing events from the comfort of his home. In his sixth season as a broadcaster, Letarte talks about how time has flown by, what he has learned about NASCAR in his new role, as well as everyone in the booth keeping each other accountable. Letarte explains why a broadcaster cannot hide behind the camera and the confidence he has to do the job, how he didn’t envy those calling the Daytona 500 with Ryan Newman’s horrific crash, and adapting to different booth setups while using the Peacock Pit Box. What was the real reason he started the Letarte on Location podcast? Also, Letarte’s thoughts on how the rest of the season will play out from a television perspective. Plus, Letarte on appreciating his crew chief career the further away he gets from it, and what he’s intrigued by with the 2020 season. Music created by Tony Monge.

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