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#129 – Coleman Pressley on the Racing Writer’s Podcast

Coleman Pressley serves as the eyes in the sky for drivers in all three NASCAR series throughout a race weekend, and he’s going to share all about it. Six years into being on the spotter’s stand, Pressley works with some competitive drivers, but it’s been tougher than usual recently because COVID restrictions have spotters positioned in unfamiliar places. Pressley shares how it’s been to adapt and how he goes about communicating with other spotters. In only his second year working with Brad Keselowski, Pressley also explains how it’s different spotting for a front-running driver versus working with someone mid-pack, if Pressley must change things going from one driver to another, and building chemistry when paired with a new driver. Pressley reveals whether spotters do their own version of homework each week, how spotters can help a younger driver, if he gets worked up on the radio, and if being a former driver helps with his gut instinct of making calls. Plus, if it was hard to give up racing and when Pressley knew he was moving onto something else, all the connections between him, Keselowski, and Joey Logano, how the aero package affects Pressley’s spotting. Pressley offers what fans might not know about the job and the feeling of winning races. Music created by Tony Monge.

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