51st SCORE Baja 1000: Burning Questions

by Chris Leone // Website // Twitter
Images via SCORE International

Motorcycles and quads have already left Ensenada, but we’re counting down to the start of the 51st SCORE Baja 1000 for the sport’s fastest vehicles this morning. Team C, led by Larry Connor and backed by Ricky and Luke Johnson, will be the first of 38 Trophy Trucks off the line at 10:30AM PT, followed by Luke McMillin and Baja legend Larry Roeseler next in line.

Live streaming will be available on the SCORE International Facebook page throughout the course of the event, including at the finish. As we prepare for the conclusion of this year’s SCORE World Desert Championship, here’s what we’re watching out for:

Who will dethrone Carlos Apdaly Lopez as this year’s Trophy Truck champion?

After an impressive multi-year run with the number 1, struggles for Lopez earlier this season appear to have opened the door for somebody else to take the championship. Right now, Rob MacCachren holds the top spot in the standings, but Cameron Steele, coming off a victory in Tijuana and Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame induction, has plenty of momentum himself. A number of other top drivers are also well within range of the top spot in the standings should the leaders take a DNF this weekend.

Will Bryce Menzies’ AWD Trophy Truck monster hold out to the finish?

Adding top Australian racer Toby Price to his team was a big story, but Menzies’ rumored multi-million dollar build appears set to revolutionize the sport. The all-wheel drive truck appeared to be on pace for a dominant victory at Vegas to Reno before falling short just a handful of miles from the finish. After qualifying fifth for this weekend’s race, the Las Vegas native is bringing a piece of equipment that should have everybody shaking in their boots for the foreseeable future.

Which UTV superteam has the best chance of taking a win?

We looked at the Trophy Truck superteams in Baja last week, but plenty of top UTV teams have made the same effort to load up their driver rosters. Rhys Millen, who leads the Pro UTV Forced Induction teams on the road today, will be splitting time with Mitch Guthrie behind the wheel. Branden Sims will join Craig Scanlon, while Stadium Super Trucks drivers have infiltrated two classes: Robby Gordon and Blade Hildebrand in Pro UTV FI, and Gavin Harlien and Matt Brabham with Todd Romano in Pro UTV NA.

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