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#54 – Dale Earnhardt Jr. & Alex Bowman on the Racing Writer’s Podcast

Dale Earnhardt Jr. & Alex Bowman on the Racing Writer’s Podcast

It’s two for the price of one! Shortly after unveiling the 2019 Nationwide paint scheme Alex Bowman and Dale Earnhardt Jr. joined the podcast for a fun few minutes. Bowman explains the design behind his paint scheme before Dale Jr. offers his judgement and then admits whether he judges other driver’s paint schemes; the two break off into a banter about racing each other after Alex feels slighted Dale didn’t compete in the go-kart event; Alex reflects on his first season as a Cup Series playoff driver and what he’ll be doing to get ready for the ’19 season; Dale Jr. reveals whether he still looks at the 88 car as his car; Dale talks about whether his bias was ever questioned during his first season in the broadcast booth and why it’s hard to talk objectively about drivers you don’t like; what Dale will be doing to get ready for his second year; Dale on being the interviewer with Alex and then Alex on being interviewed by Dale! Music:

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