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#57 – Andrew Kurland on the Racing Writer’s Podcast

Andrew Kurland on the Racing Writer’s Podcast

Andrew Kurland might be one of the youngest media members in NASCAR, but you’d never know it by how he handles himself. In this episode Andrew describes what he does for NASCAR Acceleration Nation; the unconventional way he started interviewing drivers in the garage; the commitment he receives from NASCAR to make races; the importance of working alongside his dad and how dedicated his father is to make things work for Andrew; the challenges he’s encountered working in the sport; how far he’s come feeling comfortable in the garage area; drivers he enjoys covering and one who is on his bucket list; background on how he got into the sport and making the transition from fan to journalist and learning objectivity; why he started his own podcast; looking ahead to college and balancing wanting to be at the racetrack; his highlights from the ’18 season. Music:

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