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#62 – Kaz Grala on the Racing Writer’s Podcast

Kaz Grala on the Racing Writer’s Podcast

Kaz Grala has a deal with Richard Childress Racing to drive the 21 in a few races this season and he joins the podcast to provide all the details on how that came together; what it means for the 2020 NASCAR season; why he’s intimidated about starting his season at Texas and explaining how long it’s been since he has been on a mile-and-a-half racetrack; the pressure Grala is putting on himself when it comes to what he expects to do in the car; how a young driver approaches getting an opportunity in good equipment; his thoughts on how the Daytona Xfinity race played out and what he would have done; if Grala watches races as a fan or trying to learn, and what he’s looking for; whether Grala feels like his career has stalled out any by not having a full-time ride; some background on his experience with sports cars and what his aspirations are in that discipline; sharing stories on the other sports he tried while growing up; how many races he anticipates having this year with RCR; Grala’s relationship with new teammate Tyler Reddick; what he’s going to be doing to prepare for his first race at Texas. Music:

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