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#65 – Matt McCall on the Racing Writer’s Podcast

Matt McCall on the Racing Writer’s Podcast

The Chip Ganassi Racing No. 1 team is off to a great start in 2019 and crew chief Matt McCall is here to talk about their success. McCall notes about being “somewhat happy” with the way the season has started; why Kurt Busch has been tiptoeing into his new team and how McCall feels about working with a new driver for the first time in a few years; how the communication works between he and Busch as two guys who know race cars; what has surprised McCall about Busch and what about him that is “off” in the media; why a new driver and new package was what the team needed; the focuses of the team to get better and contend with the leaders; how McCall became a racer himself and his love of late models and short tracks; why he didn’t continue with a driving career and chose to work on cars; the differences in being a team engineer and the crew chief; what needs to happen for 2019 to be deemed a successful season for he and Busch. Music:

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