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#77 – Jamie McMurray on the Racing Writer’s Podcast

Jamie McMurray on the Racing Writer’s Podcast

Jamie McMurray is fully immersed in his new role as a member of the NASCAR on FOX team and he’s revealing how the transition has gone from what’s been fun to overwhelming and even the difference in expectations versus reality. What does his preparation look like and how does a day and week progress? McMurray also expresses how he uses his teammates for help on approaching his role; going from being focused on his team and career to discussing the entire sport, storylines, and drivers; how McMurray approaches offering an opinion and analysis; why interviewing drivers is the hardest part of the job and how that has changed his perspective on interviews. Does McMurray miss racing? Will he ever get behind the wheel again in NASCAR or somewhere else? How it has been working in the new FOX studio which is nothing more than a giant green screen; whether or not he analyzes his work; thoughts on how much he feels he knows the sport now versus when he was a driver; if McMurray has any desire to one day be in the race broadcast booth; if there is any reason why it seems McMurray has been more active on social media lately; what he is looking at as the second half of the NASCAR season begins. Music:

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