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#80 – Rick Houston and Steve Waid on the Racing Writer’s Podcast

Rick Houston and Steve Waid on the Racing Writer’s Podcast

Meet Rick Houston and Steve Waid, the gentlemen who have brought back Grand National Scene for Throwback Weekend at Darlington. The two sit down to discuss the project and the beloved publication that is no more as well as their popular podcast, The Scene Vault. How did a commemorative issue come to be? Was it a hard sell to Darlington? Both reveal the emotions behind holding the printed layout of the magazine – for the first in 10 years; the hurdles they needed to overcome; their thoughts on the throwback concept; an update on how the battle is going to restore the newspaper collection. Plus, how The Scene Vault podcast came to be and the important audio that helped get it started; insight into how they book their interviews; how it’s been good for the soul to relive moments of NASCAR history and if they are now able to share more of the story. Is there a bucket list guest for their podcast? The guys also share what is coming on their podcast. Music: Tony Monge.

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