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#83 – Gray Gaulding on the Racing Writer’s Podcast

Gray Gaulding on the Racing Writer’s Podcast

Gray Gaulding understands he was once viewed as young and dumb, donut boy, and that he made some mistakes as he climbed the racing ladder, and he’s not afraid to talk about it! Gaulding opens up about the career year he’s now having with Bobby Dotter and how their relationship started even before Gray had ever turned a single lap on a racetrack; how this year Gaulding has felt he’s had to prove himself even though he believes he can perform in the right opportunity; why he feels comfortable expressing his opinions and emotions even though he’s not in the best stuff; the ways in which Gaulding compares himself to an NFL or NBA player; how he views making or missing the playoffs. Gaulding started off as a motorcycle guy so he explains how the racing bug bit him and how a love for NASCAR started; why mom finally said he needed to get in something with seatbelts; the story of Gaulding connecting with Kevin Harvick, getting a go-kart from him and eventually beating Harvick in a race; how that led to a development deal; why he feels like his standout image has worked against him; owning up to being young and knocking drivers out the way; if he’s felt that his reputation has changed for the better; the ups and downs of being the ambassador for Krispy Kreme; looking into the future of Gaulding’s five year plan. Music: Tony Monge.

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