About Jim and Trent

Jimmy Beaver grew up knee deep in the racing world. He came from a long family line of racing, whether it be on land or water, wheels or not. Jimmy’s great grandfather Dan was an accomplished horse racer. Jimmy’s grandfather Marion is a multi time national hydroplane boat racing champion, and a multi time world record holder. He has also been placed on the APBA Honor Squadron, which is the highest honor given to boat racers. Jimmy’s father Dan, is a 30-year veteran of class 8 off road racing and competed at the pinnacle of the sport for many years against its biggest legends before retiring.

An accomplished racer in his own right, Jimmy has been a winner in every class he has competed in.  While he is still fighting for that first elusive Trophy Truck win, he has taken 2nd 2 times in the division getting ever so close to cementing his legacy as one of this current generation’s stars.

Holding a business and marketing degree, Jimmy is the mastermind behind The Down & Dirty Off-Road Show.  With a racing career that has seen him in front of the camera and lenses more often than not, hosting his own live off-road radio show was a logical evolution in his career.  He has grown the show into the #1 off-road radio show on the planet that boasts over 30,000 unique listeners and has had some of motorsports biggest stars on air such as Ken Block and Robby Gordon.  Always searching to give his industry partners dynamic forms of publicity, The Down & Dirty Off-Road Show has become the place to go every Monday morning to find out what happened in the world of dirt the previous weekend.  

Between his Trophy Truck racing career, plans to expand into Short-Course racing, and the world’s #1 off-road radio show at his fingertips, Jimmy Beaver has become a force in the off-road industry that is always on the bleeding edge of providing partners the most dynamic solutions in exposure.

It all started long before Trent Beaver was born, the Beaver family had been involved in multiple forms of motorsports from horse racing, unlimited hydroplane boat racing, to off-road racing. Since a very young age Trent was destined to be a contender in any discipline of motorsports he raced. Trent began racing in 2007 and has quickly become a well-known name in the off-road industry. At 24 years of age, Trent has already competed against some of the best in off-road and proved to be a worthy contender. It took Trent just 3 races to pick up his first class win and since then Trent has compiled race wins in both off-road desert racing and rally racing. As the future continues to unfold for Trent, he looks to continue gaining valuable experience racing off-road, but continue to keep options open in terms of rally racing and short-course off-road racing, while planning to join his brother Jim Beaver in the Trophy Truck ranks soon enough.

Trent’s passion for off-road goes well beyond the steering wheel, Trent is a board member for the pending 501(C)3 non-profit organization FAST-Aid, where as a volunteer he not only helps spread knowledge on safety in motorsports along with his fellow board members, but also helps FAST-Aid organize fund raisers in the event of an accident, where FAST-Aid helps provide support to help in the recoveries from motorsports racing related accidents.
When presented with the opportunity from his brother Jim Beaver, to be part of the Down & Dirty Off-Road Show, Trent jumped at the opportunity. He was excited to team up with his brother to help brand the off-road lifestyle on live radio along with the Down & Dirty Off-Road Show. Trent’s knowledge of the off-road industry, combined with his brother’s vast knowledge in both radio and all forms of motorsports as an entire provide the perfect combo for the show’s success.

With Trent’s passion for racing and his never-give-up attitude look for Trent to continuing seeing success not only on the race track, but also doing whatever it takes to secure the long-term success of Off-Road’s fastest growing radio show, “The Down & Dirty Off-Road Show!”

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