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Impact and MasterCraft UTV Safety Products Available Now!

Just in time for summer ride season, MasterCraft Safety and Impact Racing products are available to take your UTV experience to the next level. MasterCraft Safety designs a full line of heavy duty fixed back off-road stock replacement seats with superior hip bolsters and shoulder containment, UTV Mounts, UTV grab handles and 5 way latch and link UTV Restraints that easily bolt-in without special tools or drilling for the UTV. Optimize your UTV for safety, comfort and performance with our full line of Jeep accessories for performance off road!

Learn more about the safest and most durable products on the market here:

MasterCraft S 2/4 Premium UTV Seat

Upgrade the comfort of your UTV with MasterCraft’s new S 2/4 seat designed to endure the rigors and versatility of the UTV market. With deep bolsters for superior containment during those rough spots, and featuring a removable bottom cushion for easy cleaning, the S 2/4TM is specifically constructed for the UTV. Click here


Impact Genesys UTV Seat

Featuring an ultralight fiberglass monocoque construction, the Genesys racing seat by is engineered to withstand extreme tensile and compressive forces common to extreme motorsports. The Genesys is specially constructed with integrated structural reinforcement panels in areas subjected to torsional stress to ensure strength under load. Sized to meet the needs of most drivers, the Genesys includes shoulder harness guides positioned to fit a wider range of drivers and are suitable for individuals with longer torsos. Click here


MasterCraft Trail Runner Recreational Restraints

MasterCraft Safety Trail Runner Restraints are an innovative easy to use solution for those looking for increased containment and security, while remaining easy to use. An easy to use OEM-style push-button buckle, and simple intuitive adjusters make for the upmost ease of use. Trail Runner restraints are available in three colors to match a variety of interior color schemes. The provided ends come in two types…bolt-in for applications where mounting tabs and most OEM mounts are used, & Snap-In for those applications that utilize eye-bolts. Click here


MasterCraft Latch and Link Restraints

MasterCraft’s 5-way latch and link restraints feature a 3″ x 55″ seat belt with pull down adjustment on both sides & V-hook and loop latch guard. They also include a 3″ dual shoulder harness with QSR adjusters and anti-submarine Belt. Meets S.F.I. 16.1 and available with bolt-in or snap-in mounting types. Click here


Impact Grip Steering Wheel

Impact’s new Grip steering wheel is designed to improve steering input and comfort for superb driving precision. Wrapped in suede, with a diameter of 13.75-inch and a 3.75-inch deep dish, the Grip has a yellow stripe for quick visual identification of center. Click here


MasterCraft UTV Grab Handles

Sure, there are lots grab handles out there to choose from. But when you really need it, wouldn”t you rather know your grab handle was manufactured by the same company that has provided racing seats and driver restraints to off-road racers for over 30 years, and who has built their reputation on safety and quality? We thought so. Click here


MasterCraft UTV Spare Tire Hold Down

MasterCraft’s Y-Type Spare Tire Hold Down is constructed of 1 3/4″ webbing featuring large handled ratchet for tightening and Clip-in ends for ease of use. Best used for Smaller Tire Diameters such as UTV applications. Available in black only. Click here

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