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Jim Beaver Chooses GSP XTV Axles

Whether you’re a professional off-road racer, hardcore recreationalist, or casual UTV, ATV, or SXS driver just looking for an upgrade to your stock axles, look no further than GSP XTV Axles. GSP’s line of Revolution, XTREEM Duty, and Heavy Duty axles offer premier solutions no matter your needs, and are the only line of axles trusted by professional off-road racer and radio and television host Jim Beaver for his race vehicles.

“No matter what you’re using your vehicle for, having equipment you can trust is key, and I truly believe in GSP’s full line of XTV Axles,” says Jim Beaver. “The Revolution axle is a complete game changer, and it forms a key part of my new King of the Hammers build because it offers the durability I need to make it to the finish of off-road’s most uniquely challenging race. Their Heavy Duty and XTREEM Duty axles are the same way, offering similarly strong performance as an upgrade from stock equipment. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking to do, GSP has the solution for you to put the power down quicker and take your drive to the next level!”

With decades of off-road racing experience, Beaver knows a thing or two about what it takes to conquer the world’s toughest races. Coming off of finishes in his home race, the season-opening Parker 250, and the prestigious Mint 400, Beaver’s race-ready Polaris RZRs rely on GSP XTV Axles to put the power down quicker than the competition, and withstand the demands of some of the most intense challenges in off-road racing. The Revolution Axles are the only axle that Beaver trusts as he prepares to debut in UTV competition at King of the Hammers in 2021, in hopes of scoring a debut finish in an event unlike any other.

GSPs industry-exclusive Revolution Axles are a key component of Jim Beaver’s race-ready Polaris RZR UTVs. The innovative Revolution axle is a complete driveline solution due to its Hollow Tube Twist” technology, and it reigns supreme in durability as its featherlight technology reduces shock load, harmful driveline harmonics, and unsprung weight. All this, plus premium moly grease designed to improve performance, allow for faster transfer of power to the ground, providing for a more exciting and enjoyable ride.

If you’re simply looking for an OEM replacement, look no further than GSP Heavy Duty Axles for standard UTVs, ATVs, or side by sides, or XTREEM Duty (XD) Axles for lifted rides. These upgraded axles feature heavier duty components, including oversized 4340 Chromoly steel shafts and heavy duty OETIKER clamps to improve strength and durability, TPE boots to enhance performance in extreme conditions, and precision inner joints engineered to achieve a swing angle of up to 45 degrees. Proper fitment leads to easy installation, ensuring that your “off-road” time isn’t mostly spent off of the road.

Ready to redefine your adventure with GSP XTV? Check out the Distributor Locator to find a distributor near you. If you are looking to expand your inventory and grow your sales, get in the driver’s seat with GSP XTV and make them a part of your shop family today! For more information, please click here, or for any sales inquires, email GSP XTV Sales Director Steve Washington, at stevew@gsp-na.com.

For more information on the full line of GSP XTV Axles, visit https://gspxtv.com. Be sure to follow GSP XTV on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest updates!

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