Lucas Oil Midwest Short Course League: Season Preview

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Images via Keegan Kincaid (1); Greaves Motorsports (2-3)

2018 marks a new era for short course racing in the United States with the creation of the Lucas Oil Midwest Short Course League (LOMSCL), the result of an offseason shift in the ownership and sanctioning of the sport in the midwest. With the combined experience and expertise of both the existing tracks and Lucas Oil, which also runs the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORRS) in the southwestern US, competitors and fans alike are excited about the potential of further growth for the discipline and its many national and regional classes.

But coming into this weekend’s event, the 25th Annual Forest County Potawatomi Brush Run at Crandon International Raceway, fans may still be looking for some answers about who’s competing, and where to watch all the action. Never fear—we’ve got a handy guide that should answer all of your questions:

What happened over the winter to short course racing?

The Lucas Oil Midwest Short Course League is the result of the unification of major league short course racing in the United States, after a number of years of separate championships. Over the next couple of years, both the existing LOORRS and the new series will work towards developing a single major national championship for all of the sport’s top teams and competitors. For now, however, the LOMSCL will operate with the existing Pro and Sportsman classes of last year’s midwest racing platforms, including the five classes of the former TORC series, relatively intact.

When and where will the new series be racing?

The Lucas Oil Midwest Short Course League will have five distinct events, held over four weekends:

  • June 15-17: Crandon International Raceway
  • July 13-14: ERX Motor Park
  • August 10-12: Bark River International Raceway
  • August 31-September 1: Crandon International Raceway
  • September 2: 3rd Annual Crandon World Cup/Amsoil Cup

As in the past, the Crandon World Cup event will be separate from the LOMSCL points championship.

Which classes are Pro and which are Sportsman?

In all, there are 15 total classes registered to compete at Crandon International Raceway this weekend. The Pro division of the LOMSCL will feature three classes of trucks (Pro 4WD, Pro 2WD, and Pro Light), as well as two classes of side-by-sides (Pro Stock UTV and Pro Mod UTV), for a total of five classes.

The Sportsman division will feature the remaining 10 classes. It includes a number of kart (Mod Kart and Short Course Kart) and buggy (Super, 1600, and 1600 Light) classes, as well as Stock Truck, Super Stock Truck, Sportsman UTV, Classix, and Formula 4×4.

Who will be competing?

As of this week, over 225 competitors were signed up for the first event of the season. The entry list includes a number of familiar faces, from both Johnny (Pro 4WD) and CJ (Pro 4WD, Pro Stock UTV) Greaves to fellow truck veterans Chad Hord, Ross Hoek, and Keegan Kincaid. CJ Greaves won the title in both of his classes last year, while Kyle Kleiman (Pro Light) and Kyle Chaney (Pro Mod UTV) will also look to defend titles they scored last year in TORC.

On the regional side, defending champions Michael Meister (Super Buggy), Nick Byng (Super Stock Truck), Bruce Fraley (1600 Buggy), Jake Nelson (1600 Light Buggy), Ben Passa (Formula 4X4), Diesel Shanak (Stock Truck), will return to defend their titles. Meanwhile, defending Short Course Kart champion Easton Sleaper moves into a Mod Kart.

How can fans watch the new series?

Fans looking to watch the LOMSCL live on race day can see all the action at LucasOilRacing.TV with a yearly subscription to the service. This weekend’s event at Crandon International Raceway will begin streaming at 1:20PM ET on both Saturday and Sunday, and streams will include both the Pro and Sportsman classes. Be sure to look out for Jim Beaver as he teams up with Tes Sewell in the booth to call all the action! Click here for more information on LucasOilRacing.TV.

Fans looking to watch the LOMSCL on television can look forward to multiple airings in the future, with air dates and times to be announced. These telecasts will feature the same content, production, and on-air talent as the live streams.

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