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MotoShield Pro Conquers Eldora with Ryan Newman

The rough clay of Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, OH presents one of the most unique challenges in NASCAR. Host of the only dirt race in its three national touring series, the Camping World Truck Series Eldora Dirt Derby, some of the sport’s top teams and biggest names face a question at Eldora unlike any other all season long: how do you keep the dirt off?

For this year’s visit to Eldora, MotoShield Pro teamed up with Ryan Newman and Jordan Anderson Racing to answer just that. With Newman behind the wheel of the team’s #3 truck, MotoShield Pro products coated not only Newman’s truck and wheels, but also his firesuit and helmet. In fact, for the first time ever, nanotechnology was used to treat official broadcast cameras, as MotoShield Pro coated all three of the truck’s on-board cameras used in the Fox Sports 1 broadcast.

“Eldora is a brand new experience for MotoShield Pro, as not all dirt is created equal,” said CEO Rick Fung. “When we used MotoShield Pro products in Lucas Oil Off Road racing with Ronnie Faisst, we saw a 70% improvement in dirt, mud, and water resistance from untreated areas. That made our partnership with Ryan Newman, and the NASCAR Truck race at Eldora, a natural next proving ground for products.

“With the race now in the books, we’re very pleased with the results. We treated half of Ryan’s truck and wheels and left half untreated, and saw a massive difference between the treated and untreated sides. In addition, Ryan’s firesuit repelled dirt, mud, and water with ease, and our Anti-Fog liner kept his helmet clear and his visibility the same from the green flag to checkered. Above all, both Ryan and Jordan have been great ambassadors for the MotoShield Pro brand throughout the partnership—in the world of stock car racing, we can’t think of any better representatives.”

MotoShield Pro offers the most advanced nano-coatings and is the only professional grade race proven technology on the market. Via its partnerships with top racers around the world, MotoShield Pro will continue to pioneer nanotechnology in racing and made available to all auto enthusiasts worldwide.

MotoShieldPro Products: 

MotoShield Pro Paint Protectant is a liquid glass coating formulated to repel water, oil, snow, and dirt. Wind tunnel tested ultra smooth, non-sticking nano-ceramic coating decrease drag by 4% at 70 mph to go faster and further while reducing detail maintenance. UV resistant. 9H hardness to keep the paint protected.

MotoShield Pro Detail Spray a quick detail spray that will work on any hard surface of your vehicle.  Whether the surface is wet or dry, simply spray and wipe our nano ceramic based solution and create a super hydrophobic protective layer that lasts up to 6 months.

MotoShield Pro Metal Protectant is a nano-coating that adheres to metal surfaces and protects against water, oxidation, and dirt. Eliminate the need to scotch brite metal components.  Water and oil repellent, non-sticking, long lasting, abrasion resistant coating prevents corrosion and reduces detail maintenance.

MotoShield Pro Anti-Fog The formula creates a layer of protective coating that keeps your visor, windshield, or mirrors completely visible in a single application.  Military grade tested liner will “Never Fog” under any condition to provide and maintain complete clarity for drivers, fuelers, officials and team members.

MotoShield Pro Fabric Protectant is designed to help protect against spills and stains. Can be utilized with all fabrics including fire suit racing fabrics, shoes, and upholstery.  Firesuits, gloves and shoes can now stay dry under wet weather conditions.  Our nanocoating binds to the material fibers creating a water beading effect while maintaining breathability, it’s natural texture, and reducing odors.

About MotoShield Pro

MotoShield Pro is a manufacturer of nanotechnology based auto care products in Los Angeles, California.  Our products are used by top racing teams in NASCAR, NHRA, IndyCar, GRC, RallyX, Asia GP, IMSA, Lucas Oil Off Road, Baja and more. With much success in the professional setting, the company is expanding into markets worldwide and to consumers with race proven technology. To learn more about MotoShield Pro and their full line of nanotechnology auto care products click here.

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