MotoShield Pro Unveils New Anti-Fog Liner

No matter what you drive or ride, fog is one of the most dangerous conditions on the road. Decreased visibility leads to a greater risk of accidents, damaged vehicles, and potential injury.

MotoShield Pro’s latest advancement is here to change all that. MotoShield Pro Anti-Fog liner is the latest product in the brand’s line of advanced nanocoating technologies. This easy-to-apply, military grade product completely eliminates fog from any visor, keeping your vision clear and allowing you to stay safe on the road.

“MotoShield Pro’s new Anti-Fog liner is just the latest nanotechnology innovation they’ve brought to the table,” said Jim Beaver, professional off-road racer and host of the Down and Dirty Show Powered By Polaris RZR. “They’ve already changed the game in keeping the dirt and mud off of our race vehicles, but driving without worrying about a foggy helmet is a major advantage, especially in off-road. Knowing I’m protected from all the elements with MotoShield Pro means I can keep my lid down all race long and stay focused on the race, because just one distraction can be the difference between finishing and not.”

Now in its eighth year of continuous development, MotoShield Pro’s nanotechnology is engineered to protect against the elements. From its full line of nano-ceramic coatings for metal, paint, carbon fiber, and wheels, to protectants for glass and upholstery, MotoShield Pro products repel dirt and liquids to keep your vehicles in perfect, unblemished condition.

MotoShield Pro products are trusted by top racers in all disciplines, from Erica Enders’ NHRA Pro Stock Camaro to Ryan Newman’s first NASCAR Truck Series start on the dirt at Eldora Speedway and everything in between. MotoShield Pro is a proud partner of Jim Beaver and the Down and Dirty Show Powered By Polaris RZR, and MotoShield Pro products can be found on each of Jim’s race and road vehicles.

For more information on MotoShield Pro, visit www.motoshieldpro.com or follow @MotoShieldPro on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In addition, MotoShield Pro offers free shipping on all purchases over $30 at www.motoshieldpro.com/shop.

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