Stadium Super Trucks Mid-Season Review: Robby Gordon

by Chris Leone // Website // Twitter
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With Stadium Super Trucks taking a break until the weekend of August 24-25 at Road America, we take a weekly look back at the series’ top drivers and their results so far! Check in every Sunday for a new driver!

#7 Robby Gordon // 4th overall, 248 points

10 starts, 1 win, 3 podiums

It’s both a good thing and a bad thing that Robby Gordon hasn’t won the championship of the series that he conceived and launched since its second season in 2014.

It’s good, obviously, for Stadium Super Trucks that the driver who got the series going isn’t just picking on a field of nobodies like a racing Harlem Globetrotter. Not that fairness has ever been in question in SST—with a field of equally prepared trucks staffed by the same crew, Gordon’s policy has been to trade his own truck with any driver who feels that they’re getting a raw deal.

It’s bad for Gordon, though, a true racer’s racer and perhaps the most diverse driver of his generation. After all, one thing has been certain throughout his legendary career, from NASCAR to CART, and from desert racing to the street courses that make up much of the SST schedule: he likes to win. A lot.

And he’s been able to do that this year, taking the checkered flag in the second of three races from Adelaide, Australia in March. Gordon held off championship contenders Gavin Harlien and Matt Brabham to score his first victory of the season, and the 19th he’s earned in the series. He backed it up with a runner-up finish in the first Long Beach round, and a third place in the most recent event at Texas Motor Speedway.

But it’s still a step back from the four wins that Gordon had last year, even when you factor in that he missed the Detroit doubleheader to chase victory at the Baja 500. Under SST rules, substitute drivers can be named for extenuating circumstances; Canadian young gun Russell Boyle was Gordon’s fill-in there, placing seventh and ninth.

While those finishes weren’t spectacular, they kept Gordon in the points hunt, where he currently sits fourth. He’s just three points behind third place Arie Luyendyk Jr., but will need to do some serious work to even hunt down Harlien at 59 points ahead, much less championship leader Brabham, who has an 89-point advantage.

The good news? The series returns to action at Road America, a new addition to the SST schedule but somewhere that Gordon has seen plenty of times as an open-wheel driver. And if that past experience has any value, we might see more of Gordon’s signature two-wheel celebrations sooner than later.

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