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SuperATV UTV Products

SuperATV offers you the best ATV and UTV parts you’ll find anywhere for less than anyone else. SuperATV is the manufacturer and distributor of brands like Assassinator Tires, Gear Driven Performance (GDP), and Rhino Axles, and they sell direct to consumer with no markup or overhead. Here are a few of the products they offer to have your UTV performing at its peak.  For their full line of products visit www.SuperATV.com!

SuperATV GDP Portal Gear Lift

SuperATV’s Gen 3 GDP Portal Gear Lifts give you a lift and a gear reduction in one package. That gives you the clearance you need to run bigger tires, and the torque to turn them. Since the lift and gear reduction are in your hub, they maintain your factory suspension geometry and relieve stress from your drivetrain. You get more lift, more torque, and longer-lasting components. Availabe in lifts from4” to 8” and for most major UTV’s.


SuperATV A-Arms, Trailing Arms, and Radius Rods

A-Arms – SuperATV’s A-arms give you an extra 2″ of clearance without adding a lift kit! They have 25% larger tubing and a unique dual bend design forward control arms which means there’s no added wear and tear on important components such as axles and tie rods! They also feature the industry leading Adjustable Pivot Blocks allowing for full camber adjustment.



Trailing Arms – SuperATV’s Trailing Arms are methodically designed with leading edge CAD software and made from high strength steel plating. We built them for punishment so you don’t have to worry about your suspension when you’re focused on conquering steep hills.



Radius Arms – SuperATV’s High-Clearance Radius Arms are engineered for strength and longevity. They’re smarter, stronger, and sleeker than any other radius arms around. They’re 4x stronger than stock, and smartly designed to eliminate sheer points and weak spots.



SuperATV Axles

Equip your UTV-ATV vehicle for off-road adventure with axles from SuperATV. Our UTV-ATV axles are designed for riders, by riders, to bring you superior axle shafts built for high performance, durability, and extreme terrain applications. We have a reputation for high quality, heavy-duty axle shafts, and we intend to keep it that way. From our ultimate performance line of Rhino X300 axles, to the race winning Rhino 2.0, the performance Rhino Axle, or the stock replacement ADR Axle line, we have an axle for your application.


SuperATV Black Ops Winches

SuperATV’s Black Ops Series Winches make hard work easy for your UTV. They offer high-towing capacity and incredibly durable construction to make short work of the tough pulls from the farm to the forest.  Available in sizes from 3500 lbs. to 5,000 lbs. with mounts for most major UTV models.


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