Superstar Spotlight: Johnny Greaves

by Chris Leone // Website // Twitter
Images via Lucas Oil Midwest Short Course League

When it comes to short course racing, if you name it, Johnny Greaves has done it.

The Wisconsin native has won numerous championships in various sanctioning bodies, including CORR, WSORR, and TORC. Since moving into the sport’s premier Pro 4 class in 2001, his win count is in the dozens, and he’s got seven titles in that class alone. Before even that, he was a frequent front-runner in SCORE and SODA action in buggies and Pro Lite trucks.

And if this year keeps going the way it has been, he’s going to add a title in yet another series: the new Lucas Oil Midwest Short Course League.

Over the past few years, Greaves’ son CJ has taken the torch for himself, winning the last three Pro 4 titles of TORC’s existence before that series folded and earning the first win in the class in the inaugural MSCL event at Crandon International Raceway. But Johnny has proven that he’s not even close to ready to giving up the fight, and holds the championship lead after the second of four rounds this season at ERX Motor Park.

In fact, if not for a misstep at Crandon, he’d be a perfect three for three to start the season. After instead settling for second in the class opener, Greaves rebounded with a win in the Forest County Potawatomi Brush Run, the annual exhibition that pits the more powerful Pro 4s against the lighter Pro 2s. The savvy veteran clawed his way through the field to take the victory and the cash bonus for winning.

At ERX, though, the vintage Greaves was on full display as he swept both Friday and Saturday’s Pro 4 races. The former saw the third Greaves Motorsports 1-2 in a row, as father and son swept the top two spots in their first two events of the year. But the latter saw CJ take a DNF, enabling Johnny to pull out a championship lead heading into next month’s action at Bark River.

Assuming all goes well in Michigan, the Wisconsin native will head back home to Crandon for the World Championship Off-Road Races with a chance at making history. With the unification of short course this year under the stewardship of Lucas Oil, anticipation for this year’s Crandon World Cup is higher than ever as fans anticipate the best of both MSCL and Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series teams to show up. Greaves could very well have a chance to not only win his eighth Pro 4 title, but also against one of the deepest World Cup fields in the history of the sport.

Sure, his legacy as one of the best in the history of short course is already cemented. But as crazy as it sounds, the best might still be to come this year.

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