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#123 – Justin Marks on the Racing Writer’s Podcast

Justin Marks has been adjusting to what has become a ‘new normal’ with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and as he does, he checks in with the podcast to discuss all he has going on. Some of that has to do with looking toward NASCAR’s future and plans that he’d like to see come to fruition. Marks discusses Next Gen and how that car could be attractive for NASCAR ownership, and where his interest in the business side of the things originated. Marks explains why he didn’t focus on racing before getting into different business ventures, and whether it has been easy to close the chapter of his life that included racing in NASCAR. How has GoPro Motorplex developed from the original idea, and what source of pride has it become for Marks as a tool for racers? He also talks on whether anyone has impressed him by using it, and how often he is there to have fun. And we end looking at what endeavors Marks could have coming soon. Music created by Tony Monge.

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