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#127 – Antron Brown on the Racing Writer’s Podcast

Three-time NHRA Top Fuel champion Antron Brown has been home more than ever before, and not only has he stayed busy around the house, he’s learned a lot about his children, and they’ve been able to use this time as a life lesson. Brown joins the podcast to discuss the upcoming NHRA return and how that will look during a pandemic, such as how the schedule will play out and the excitement many have. He also shares about the racing dynamic within the family with Brown’s two sons being drivers, their competitiveness, and how he felt about them getting into drag racing. Team ownership is next on the agenda for Brown, and he breaks down why he is getting into such a venture and what his long-term goal is for doing so. Plus, a preview of getting back to racing, where Brown feels his team stacks up, getting past a gremlin that had been plaguing them, and the surreal numbers he’s achieved in his career. How much can Brown process in 3.7 seconds? We reflect on some of his biggest accidents, bringing in NASCAR talk when it comes to steering, and where Brown feels the NHRA is with its popularity. Music created by Tony Monge.

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