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#130 – BJ McLeod on the Racing Writer’s Podcast

B.J. McLeod makes his debut on the podcast with an in-depth interview that helps shed light on who he is and how he got to NASCAR. We start with an overview of his season and how he came to own a Cup Series team; how the relationships work for him to own teams but drive for other owners; how his racing career started before his fourth birthday; the very successful path McLeod had to NASCAR; the excellent explanation on the approach of being a lapped car and not interfering with the leaders; a never told before story of racing without radio communication and doing his own spotting and fuel mileage from behind the wheel; if other drivers have given him feedback on how he races; standing out for his unique look in the garage; whether he believes some stories and personalities get overlooked; who he is away from racing; why he needed to have a driver development program; what is fun about racing; what the long-term goal and plan are for his career. Music created by Tony Monge.

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