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#68 – Michael Annett on the Racing Writer’s Podcast

Michael Annett on the Racing Writer’s Podcast

JR Motorsports driver Michael Annett makes his podcast debut not to talk too much about racing but what he was doing before climbing behind the wheel. In this episode, you’re going to hear Annett reveal what the difference is with his No. 1 team that has led to early success and the type of mindset crew chief Travis Mack has brought to the team, and if the social media haters have quieted down. Then the topic switches to Annett’s former profession, ice hockey. Annett explains his love of the sport and how he got into playing; why he never thought of it as a long-term career; the comparison he makes to the movie ‘Rudy’; stories he can’t tell because hockey players are dirty; a Sidney Crosby story and others who played with Annett that are now in the NHL; being the most penalized player on his team and the offense he was most guilty of — and finishing the episode off with, of course, some wrestling talk. Music:

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