Bryce Menzies Tops Mint 400 Qualifying, Voss Motorsports Wins Pit Crew Challenge

by Chris Leone // Website // Twitter
Images via The Mint 400

Defending Mint 400 winner and incoming favorite Bryce Menzies was the top Trick Truck qualifier for this year’s Mint 400, posting a time of 4:09.034 on the four-mile time trial course on Thursday. Menzies’ time was more than six seconds faster than Pat Dean, who qualified for Tim Herbst. Two-time Mint 400 winners Andy McMillin and Justin Lofton were third and fourth, while 2018 fast qualifier Harley Letner, qualifying for Kevin Thompson in his first Mint 400 as a Trick Truck driver, completed the top five.

Trick Trucks, Class 1500, and Class 6100 were the three classes that headed to Apex for Thursday’s qualifying, with the latter class turning its laps separately from the other two groups. Cody Parkhouse was the top Class 1500 qualifier at ninth overall, while Dean’s son James was the only other Class 1500 driver to crack the overall top 20 at 19th. In the Class 6100 session, rookie Brock Heger continued his dramatic rise through the off-road ranks with the top qualifying time; last year’s Class 10 champion made his 6100 debut at the Parker 425 and promptly won his debut.

Time trial results were announced as part of this year’s Mint 400 Pit Crew Challenge, which wrapped up the first day of the 2019 Mint 400 Off-Road Festival. Multi-time Best in the Desert champion Jason Voss’ team took down Rob MacCachren’s crew in the final round for Trick Truck teams with a sub-54 second time, while Householder Motorsports won the Class 6100 Pit Crew Challenge for the second year in a row.

The top 10 qualifiers for the 2019 Mint 400 are as follows:

  1. Bryce Menzies, 4:09.034
  2. Tim Herbst, 4:15.077*
  3. Andy McMillin, 4:16.823
  4. Justin Lofton, 4:17.491
  5. Kevin Thompson, 4:17.969*
  6. Brett Sourapas, 4:18.410
  7. Rob MacCachren, 4:18.507
  8. Luke McMillin, 4:21.136
  9. Cody Parkhouse, 4:21.330
  10. Jason Voss, 4:21.755

*vehicle not qualified by driver of record

Racing at the Mint 400 begins on Saturday morning with the return of motorcycles for the first time since 1976. Two sets of Limited class races take place on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, before the Unlimited classes compete on Sunday afternoon. Live streaming will be available at TheMint400.com starting at 1PM ET/10AM PT on Saturday and 12:30PM ET/9:30PM PT on Sunday.

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