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Jim Beaver’s Desert Power Rankings: March Update—Trophy Truck

by Chris Leone // Website // Twitter
Images via The Mint 400

It’s finally here—the long awaited first set of Jim Beaver’s Desert Power Rankings for the 2020 off-road season. Covering events up to the Mint 400 earlier this month, these rankings aim to prove once and for all who the best drivers are in off-road racing’s premier classes.

No matter what name you know them by—Trophy Truck in SCORE, Trick Truck in Best in the Desert, T1 in King of the Hammers, and Unlimited Truck in the Mint 400—you know the premier vehicles in desert racing when you see them. These high-horsepower beasts have been gravitating towards all-wheel drive in recent years, but we’re still years away from a full-on shift from the rear-wheel drive models of previous years. Here’s a look at the top racers in the Desert Power Rankings through March:

1. Steve Olliges, 5400 points

Desert racing is all about consistency, and that’s what Olliges has had so far this season. Top 10 runs in all three starts, including back-to-back top fives in Laughlin and the Mint 400, have him atop this list.


2. Kevin Thompson, 5100 points

One of the only teams to enter all four major events so far, the Concrete Motorsports pairing of Thompson and Harley Letner were on the way to dominating the Mint 400 if not for a freak engine failure.

3. Jason Voss, 4300 points

It was a bit weird not to see one of the most competitive teams in the sport at the Mint 400, but Voss and company are focused on reclaiming their Best in the Desert crown. A win in Parker and podium in Laughlin will go a long way towards making that happen.

4. Tracy Graf, 4000 points

Like Voss, Graf didn’t enter either standalone event thus far, but two top-five finishes in Best in the Desert action are worth a solid fourth place on the charts so far.

5. Bryce Menzies/Luke McMillin (tied), 3800 points

Justin Lofton’s disqualification from the Mint 400 is the difference between these two being in the top five right now or not. They’ve been first and second in each of their two starts, with both drivers taking a win over each other once.

Desert Power Rankings: Trophy Truck

The full Trophy Truck power rankings, along with each driver’s finishing position in each race, are below (race starters are in parentheses):

Driver of Record

Total Points

Parker 425 (26)

Hammers (16)

Laughlin (19)

Mint 400 (23)

Steve Olliges 5400 8 4 5
Kevin Thompson 5100 14 5 2 16
Jason Voss 4300 1 3
Tracy Graf 4000 2 5
Bryce Menzies 3800 1 2
Luke McMillin 3800 2 1
John Bowers 3400 6 7
Robert Johnston 3400 5 DNF 13
Justin Lofton 3100 3 13 DSQ
Jonathan Brenthel 2800 9 10
Carty Beal 2800 11 8
Carrie Smiley 2800 13 6
Eric Hustead 2800 DNF 11 6
Jax Redline 2600 DNF DNF 12 8
David Kleiman 2400 4 DNF
Scott Schovajsa 2200 10 15
Tim Herbst 2100 DNF 4
Ryan Arciero 2100 3
Josh DeJong 2000 7
Adam Householder 2000 DNF 1
Rob MacCachren 1800 DNF 7
Dave Taylor 1600 DNF 9
Dean Van Dam 1500 12
Brett Comiskey 1500 17 12
BJ Baldwin 1400 3
Paul Weel 1400 10
Dan McMillin 1300 4
Sara Price 1300 11
Emil Downey 1200 15
Tony Smiley 1200 DNF 9
Raul Gomez 1100 6
Ryan Poelman 1000 14
Kyle Jergensen 900 15
Christian Sourapas 700 17
Shawn Croll 600 14
Eric Hardin 600 18
Dale Dondel 500 18 21
Dan McKenzie 500 19
Joe Miller 400 16
Fred Ledezma 400 20
Sam Baldi 100 DNF
Daniel Dailey 100 DNF
Ross Mattox 100 DNF
Wade Porter 100 DNF
Mike Prescott 100 DNF
Steve Sourapas 100 DNF
Andy McMillin 100 DNF
Bobby Pecoy 100 DNF
Cameron Steele 100 DNF
Casey Currie 100 DNF
Nick Nelson 100 DNF

For a full explanation of how Jim Beaver’s Desert Power Rankings work, click here. The next scheduled update is after General Tire Vegas to Reno, scheduled for August 12-15.

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