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Vision Wheel Power Rankings: February 7, 2020

Image via Marshall Pruett Archives

Who impressed you the most in the past week of racing? Each week, Jim Beaver shares the latest Vision Wheel Power Rankings on the General Tire Down and Dirty Show Powered By Polaris RZR and highlights the top performances in worldwide action motorsport. Here’s a look at Jim’s rankings from the show this week, as well as Down and Dirty Show columnist/media manager Chris Leone’s rankings.

Stay tuned for this week’s General Tire Down and Dirty Show Powered By Polaris RZR to hear more!

Jim Beaver’s Power Rankings

1. John Andretti: John passed away shortly after we did last week’s show, and I felt the best way to honor him was by giving him #1 on my list. He was the rare hero who lived up to your hopes about who he was as a person, and he’ll be missed greatly.

2. Eli Tomac: This could have the workings of a magical season for Tomac, who scored his second win of 2020 in Oakland. He and Ken Roczen are the definite Supercross 450 title favorites.

3. Hunter Miller: The UTV race at King of the Hammers has turned into a unique all-star race that few of its participants are used to running. For Miller to win it in his first attempt really makes a statement.

4. Dylan Ferrandis: I was in Johnson Valley and didn’t get to watch Ferrandis’ win live, but it seems pretty clear to me that he’s the class of the 250 West field yet again.

5. Bryce Menzies: If the KOH Desert Invitational made anything clear, it’s that I think we’re getting Bryce on top of his game for 2020. Shots fired!

Chris Leone’s Power Rankings

1. Hunter Miller: As usual, I had my blinders on to human interest when doing my list, and I missed John Andretti entirely. Sigh. As far as on-track performances go, though, Miller winning KOH in his first try tops the list for me.

2. Eli Tomac: I’ve been Tomac’s biggest critic (or at least I feel like I have) for a while now when it comes to his lack of a Supercross title. Judging by the past few weeks, I think he’s ready to bury that criticism.

3. Kyle Chaney: What’s harder than finishing on the podium at KOH? Doing it when your UTV ran your leg over and dragged you after you reset it! Chaney’s second place finish was an all-time ironman run.

4. Bryce Menzies: The KOH Desert Invitational isn’t an easy one to conquer, but Menzies managed to bring it home this year by just over six minutes ahead of last year’s winner Luke McMillin.

5. Hans-Joachim Stuck: The man who once talked about racing “when sex was safe and racing was dangerous” drove a six-wheeled F1 car with studded tires on ice last weekend. How’d you spend yours?

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